Victorian to 1970's

  • hundreds of woolen barathea tuxedo suits in all kinds of styles and eras – double and single breasted, shawl collar, peaked lapel.

  • over a hundred woolen barathea tail-suits and tailcoats.

  • woolen barathea morning suits and frock-coats

  • hundreds of spare formal black barathea trousers (both waisted and high -waisted worn with braces)

  • striped morning suit trousers

  • formal white, black and grey vests

  • Victorian to 1950's collarless dinner shirts, collars and studs

  • 1060's to 1970's dinner shirts

  • ruffle fronts

  • cumberbunds

  • white black and grey braces

  • formal gloves

  • formal cravats

  • silk crochet scarves and rayon scarves.

  • black and white clip-on and tie-up bow ties

  • silk top hats

  • dozens of lighter weight tailored 60's and 70's tuxedos and dozens of spare trousers

  • dozens of fancy coloured brocade and velvet 1960s and 70s dinner suits and jackets,


The older styles of formal dinner and tail suits from the Victorian era were still being made with the same attention to detail into the 1960s. There was up to 55hours work to fully tailor, interface a suit to fit and hang perfectly.. The technology fabrics, and expertise are almost gone.


Even the later less detailed work taken for granted in every light weight tailored suit of the 1950's and 1960's is becoming rare.

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