the whole collection

There is still a cross section across the eras, including fabulous and rare pieces.

As a rough guide, my latest estimate is about $600,000, which could be 10% to 20% of its retail value (depending on the market place).

This could be halved by taking out a few collectable pieces..


smaller lots . . .

The collection could possibly be split into eras, grades, bridal, formal; summer-wear, winter-wear, hats, shoes, accessories, children’s, men's or women's or a mixture of these.


individual items . . .

The clothes are not for sale individually – (I am just clearing out as I get time – there is no-one here to search, measure and fit and no mirrors or change-rooms).

When a shop or wholesaler buys the collection and it is available wholesale or retail or for hire I will post their details on the home page.


contact John for details

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Suggestions and offers welcome.